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2: Mark Pernice

Gratuitous Type No.2 is out now! To celebrate, GT’s friends and contributors have created a series of special “2”-themed photos, drawings, videos and animations—like this latest piece from Mark Pernice, creator of the issue’s centerfold. Mark, principal of the design and illustration studio Matic, has organ-ized all the parts of the body that occur in pairs just for us!

Check out more of Mark’s work here, take a look at all the 2’s (so far) here, and buy issue 2 now.

2: Brett Yasko

Today’s 2 is an animated beauty from Brett Yasko! Brett is a wonderful graphic designer based in Pittsburgh, who created this gif with a little help from his family. “I asked my kid (who’s in second grade) to collect a bunch of “2”s from his friends at school,” explains Brett.

This series of 2’s celebrates the launch of Issue 2 of Gratuitous Type. Take a look at all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: James Kape

Another 2 today to celebrate Issue 2! This numeral of beautiful bikes comes from James Kape, a young Australian designer (with a strong British background) currently living and working in New York. James is a real talent and I’d highly recommend a browse through his work!

Take a look at all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Peter Hoffman

Continuing this Gratuitous month of 2’s with a contribution from photographer Peter Hoffman. Based in Chicago, Peter is currently in Christchurch, New Zealand, gathering stories and images of the people and places effected by a series of earthquakes that have ravaged the area. Peter’s 2 comes from his journal, in which he often cuts out 2 people from the same scene in street pictures he shoots in Chicago. “So, this is 2 pages from my journal, with 2 people from the same scene and some paint,” says Peter.

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Craig Wills

We continue to celebrate the launch of Issue 2 this morning with a contribution from Craig Wills. Craig is the curator of Twenty-Six Types, a wonderful blog of graphic inspiration organized alphabetically, and co-curator of Number of the Day, which focuses on numerals. Craig’s lovely “2” was created on his iPhone using Brushes.

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Ross Mantle

Finishing off the 2’s this week (to be continued on Monday) with a contribution from Ross Mantle, whose photographs of artist Wayne White appear in Issue 2 of Gratuitous Type. Dividing his time between Brooklyn and his native Pittsburgh, Ross’s work focuses on the quirks of American life. The above image is from his series “Riding Out the Summer,” currently featured in Issue 6 of The Ride Journal.

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Paul Layzell

Next up is a 2 from the wonderful Paul Layzell. Paul is a young illustrator and animator based in London, where he is currently working on a cartoon show pilot. 

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Evelin Kasikov

Issue 1 contributor Evelin Kasikova London-based graphic designer who has become well known for her beautifully embroidered illustrations, created this special hand-stitched duotone for our “2” project. In her own words: 

Two words, two colours and a near perfect continuous tone created with thread thickness from 1 to 6. Quite obviously, my handmade Helvetica is a nod to Lars Muller’s famous book! 

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: John Francis Peters

To celebrate Issue 2 of Gratuitous Type, our friends and contributors have submitted a series of images themed around the number 2. This morning’s piece is from John Francis Peters, freelance photographer and photo editor at The FADER. Based in New York, John’s personal and assigned photo projects have taken him throughout the United States and internationally to China, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Grenada and Morocco.

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

2: Owen Gildersleeve

This morning’s two comes from the super duper Owen Gildersleeve. Owen is an illustrator, designer, and set maker based in London. In addition to completing work for an impressive roster of clients, Owen is also part of Many Hands, an online shop offering a carefully curated selection of work by established and emerging artists.

See all the 2’s (so far) here and buy issue 2 now.

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